RAA Limited

Powered by Passion, Driven by Values

Our History

We’re rich in history and that is what truly sets us apart. Our roots grew from 1978 when we started as a small retail shop. Our founder Mr. Chandaria had set foot in the coastal town of Mombasa and started a family business with a dream make ends meet for his family. He began picking orders on a bicycle and delivering goods using hand carts, it is from these humble beginning we grew from retailers to wholesalers, then to Mombasa’s biggest distributors, and now to one of the leading FMCG distributors in the country.

Our Vision

To be the No. 1 Partner of choice for leading brands seeking to gain a footprint in Kenya & East Africa.

Our Mission

To deliver quality global brands to East Africans at affordable prices.

Our Values


We are trustworthy, we are transparent and we are honest.


We love and celebrate both our brands and our customers.


We deliver no excuses, only results! We try harder, we find solutions.


We feel, act and perform as one big family.


We Deliver what we promise!


We continously seek to improve and embrace change.

We are Driven by Passion

We know how important it is for your product to be the brand of choice for our consumers. But before it gets to a hot brand status there’s one thing you often long for – distribution.

To brand owners

We build more than brands. We promote, support and distribute your brand to every corner of the country. Our passion is to get your brand to every consumer in every town in Kenya.

To customers

As a wholesaler or retailer, you suffer the inconvenience of having many suppliers of the different products. Why go to different suppliers instead go to RAA and save the hassle.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We can not forget our roots and our journey. We believe in giving back to the society.

RAA is committed to assist needy people in various regions, in 2016 we had decided to build a water Dam in Makupa area of Mariango.

After surveying the site we had noticed that there is population of around 2500 which had to walk 10 to 12 km to get water.

After meetings with the villagers we understood their problems and we decided to build 1 water Dam in this area and in beginning of 2016 we moved ahead and built this water Dam which covers 120 x 100 x 20ft and it is dug 10ft which can contain nearly 4 Million litres of water which is enough for that village for 1 year.

We named the dam as PARASNATH DAM and we have noticed recently when there was drought around 7 to 8000 people were getting water from this water Dam.
It is well appreciated by all the residents of that area.

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